Holiday on the water - Tips for the canoe trip

Holiday on the water - Tips for the canoe trip

Go with the canoe on a long trip.

Policy regarding Canoeing

  • Ideally, you should choose a route along a slowly flowing water body in which there are quite a few weirs. Remember that a canoe can only handle a type of obstacle by carrying around the boat to this.
  • Since you boat and equipment probably at least occasionally have to wear times, it is important that you do not have too much luggage. Are helpful little car, with which you can roll the boat sometimes. Enquire about tours where your luggage will be transported to the storage bins, which makes the whole thing easier.
  • Grab waterproof bags that are provided with air chambers, so you can protect water important items even if the boat should capsize times. Include everything right down on canoe. If you capsize, usually goes lost everything, which is not firmly attached to the boat.
  • Remember that you can also easily capsize times in calm water. Make sure that your canoe can not go, even if it capsizes and fills up with water. These are filled with air bags which are housed in the tips of the boat capsizing hoses and a useful accessory.
  • Complete your equipment with a slight addition paddle made of aluminum and plastic, which you connect also the boat. Some canoeists are the smile, but when you're at a river inadvertently lose heart a paddle, you'll be glad to have one with you.
  • Join in a canoe club, DKV happy to help you. There one shows you how to paddle properly. You can also chat with the like-minded people. Take part in the daily tours that offer most of the clubs. To get the power and cornea to paddle a few days in a row can.

Help with planning your holiday

  • Ask at the Canoe Club, if there more than one day hikes are offered. You might also decreases with an experienced member.
  • Another way is that you contact a travel agency that specializes in canoeing. Find out exactly what is offered in the travel. Is there help if weirs must be converted wear? Welch beds are provided? Do you need to bring tents, sleeping bags? What is the situation with the supplies? Boats are made?
  • If you have chosen a tour, ask in any case, what to expect at the track. Which places you will pass? Consider whether you can see it. Remember that you can not take a canoe with luggage on a city tour. You can not leave it unattended. In general, you can park at a lock at the lock-keeper or at a venue that is on the banks of the river. This should be clarified in advance by phone.

Canoeing is normally suitable for the whole family. Very young children can be taken in two with her parents. Something Larger paddle father or mother of two. With easy routes, the kids can also paddle your own boat next to the parents. For safety boat and life vest of the child should be connected to the boat by an adult.

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