Homeless shelter - so you get a place

Homeless shelter - so you get a place

In the homelessness homeless shelter helps.

How to get a place in a homeless shelter

  • If you do not clean up the grounds for termination of the landlord, for example, take an early stage to contact the Office of Housing Emergencies your city. Alternatively, you can also take the established social services in your city to complete in order to get a place in a homeless shelter. The advice is free.
  • The consultant for the city as well as the social institutions will provide you with appropriate addresses of homeless shelters in your area and help you to find a place there.
  • Assign. Attention to the urgency out Get in touch with the termination of the landlord. If an eviction notice be pending, so take this with also. Do not wait until the last day of Flat loss. In an eviction notice you still have the opportunity to ask the district court to a request for an extension. Take in this case, only the most necessary things with you when you leave the apartment.

Arrival in the transition home

  • If you have arrived at the shelter, you are assigned a room. Usually it is here to Shared rooms if you are an individual. However, there are also single and couple rooms. The costs are borne by the Job Center (formerly ARGE).
  • The shelters are supervised by social workers and doctors. About the medical care you do so not to worry. The social worker will be at your side at your new home search with help and advice. You can also consult psychologists who look after you on request as well. The facilities also provide once a day for a hot meal.
  • Even in a homeless shelter, you are entitled to unemployment benefit II. Stay persistent and do not let yourself get rid of.
  • Homelessness is not a walk. You should at eviction try everything to avert the cancellation.
  • If you a summary dismissal due to rent arrears are in the house and you have the opportunity to avert the rent arrears with the help of friends or the job center, the summary dismissal is invalid. The landlord must then cancel on time again.

If you can not avoid an emergency situation, do not give up and do not be afraid to seek help.

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