Houseboat for sale - What you should consider when buying

Houseboat for sale - What you should consider when buying

Repairs can not be avoided for a used boat.

Find a houseboat and check

  • Wooden boats with a steel hull are usually quite low in the acquisition, maintenance costs, especially for the wooden structures, however, are not to be underestimated. Make sure that your boat is still well behind the facade in good condition. Examine the structures precisely to moisture damage and pest infestation.
  • Check in peace all the technology, so the engine and transmission, and take a test drive with a specialist to discover defects and their causes.
  • Inquire about the motives of the boot sale. If the seller responded evasively, you know he's holding something and you have to be more careful.
  • Dirt and grime on the used boat are evidence of a poor general condition, which will also affect non-visible parts.
  • If you are not convinced by the selection of one hundred percent, you should refrain from a purchase.

Cost of a used boat

  • From about 50,000 euros you can purchase a small, well habitable house boat. For a used boat with abundant living space in the triple digits, you should have a correspondingly high purchase price calculation. The new prices start at € 250,000.
  • The cost of a houseboat course depend on the type of boat and the age of the boat. Old, in need of renovation boats can be purchased from 20,000 euros, but then have to invest a lot of manpower. For boats for an even lower price of the renovation cost is usually disproportionate.
  • Houseboats need a current buoyancy certificate which must be renewed at certain intervals. To get the buoyancy, therefore requires regular maintenance. Remember that the maintenance and repainting costs several thousand euros.
  • Do not forget to budget for the development costs of the respective location, including power, water, sewage, garbage fees, mooring, insurance, etc.
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