How do I find the right bike saddle for my riding style?

How do I find the right bike saddle for my riding style?

With the right bicycle saddle you are always well under way.

The Right Bicycle Saddle - the basics

First, you should follow some basic rules for your bike when choosing the right bike saddle. One of them is that women should always have a wider saddle than men - this is due to the different anatomy between man and woman. In principle, a narrow saddle means more sporty driving, while a wider saddle should be used for city driving. Also applies, that the seat should be wider all the more, the higher the seating position of the rider.

The criteria for selection of the bicycle saddle

The bicycle saddle you can choose to include the shape, width and the material used according to specific criteria. In order to determine the exact width, follow these steps:

  1. First, you must determine the width of your personal sit bones. These sit down for a few minutes to an approximately 30x30 cm piece of corrugated cardboard cardboard or other pressure-sensitive material. In order not to distort the result, you should contact only in underpants on.
  2. After a few minutes you will have clear prints, you should first go with a pen. Now take the center of each of the two pressure points and measure the distance between the two centers. This value is your sit bones width.
  3. Now you appreciate it even grossly your seating position that you spend most bike. More upright it is, the more you have to add to your value. An upright position is +4, a very sporty position (ie, greater than 45 ° inclination) is +0. In between, you need to assess your value. The two values ​​are added together, represent your best saddle width.
  • The new bike saddle today are usually provided with gel padding because you are stable and solid, but exert no pressure points even during long rides. In any case, the saddle should be too soft, otherwise you in the saddle "sink" and it can lead to sores on the body parts in question.
  • Also note that your bicycle saddle will be run optimally only after about 7-10 trips. When buying, you should test your saddle well at about 2-3 rides - this should offer, contact your dealer.
  • To get the most out of your saddle, he obviously needs optimally mounted. The seat must be level and on the right seat height should be taken so that the fun of cycling takes no bad end.
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