How do I register with Skype?

How do I register with Skype?

Worldwide phone calls for free with Skype. © Stephanie_Hofschlaeger / Pixelio

Skype is a service that you can use with your computer, your phone or your tablet PC. It is particularly interesting for most users the opportunity to make free calls worldwide with each other. Do you have a webcam, you can also make use of video calling. Most mobile devices, but laptops and monitors have installed a webcam. But how do you report in to Skype? It's fast and easy.

Install Skype on your device

  • Skype can be installed for free on mobile devices, on your laptop or PC. There is the program as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and mobile phones and tablets running the Android operating system. You can also download a software version for laptops and PCs with the operating systems Windows or Mac.
  • Look at the website of Skype or in the app store on your phone or tablet to install the correct version.

How do I register for free

You log in before using Skype.

  1. Click after the opening of the homepage on "Register". The field can be found in the upper right corner on the front page.
  2. Now enter your personal details and create a user name by which you can then get called. Since Skype world has millions of users, you should come up with a unique name, and letter and number combinations are possible. If the name already exists you will have to choose another.
  3. Also enter an e-mail address will be necessary.
  4. Have you completed all fields, you must check your email to confirm the link. Then you can use Skype immediately.

Note that some services are chargeable. Want to make calls on a landline phone or a cell phone example, or writing an SMS, you have to pay fees. However, these are less than if you use your landline or mobile phone, without having a flat rate.

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