How do I report me sick? - How to

How do I report me sick?  - How to

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To log in sick

There are several ways you can do to get krankzumelden your employer. So if you want to know how you sick sign up, you may be able to help you follow the instructions.

  • In the first example, it is assumed that you have caught a flu and you were on sick leave from your family doctor. The house doctor has issued a certificate of disability. This certificate of disability includes two different yellow bills. The one you should send immediately to your health insurance.
  • The second, which is attached to the first, is sent to the employer. If you still can drive yourself, you should give to the employer's sick leave itself. On that occasion, you can tell right away what's going on with you.
  • So when asked "How do I register ill?" can completely be sure to number, namely, the employer must immediately learn of your sick leave.
  • If you no longer can drive yourself to the employer, you should selfsame call or send a family member for delivering your sick leave.

How to deal with a hospital stay

  • Answering the question "How do I register ill?" is somewhat more complicated in the next example. In this example, the procedure is to show how you should act if you had a private accident and ended up in the hospital.
  • Since you can not post the sick leave, it would be appropriate to appoint a family member with the transfer.
  • The most important thing is just that your employer as soon as possible learns from her accident, so he can make the workplace a replacement. If you, for example, unemployed, the sick leave must be brought to the employment agency as soon as possible.

It is, no matter how sick you log in, the main thing is that it happens as soon as possible.

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