How does a jack?

How does a jack?

Switch Using the jack the wheel

As the lifter works in practice

It is in this product line course different models. Nevertheless, each jack for "home use" works on a similar principle.

  1. Most lifters are called scissor jack and can be easily stowed in the car. Therefore, the first handle before use generally consists therein, the model "unfold", in detail, the "skeleton" of the lifter.
  2. In the second step, the lifter is then pushed to the side edge under the vehicle, namely in the area in front of the wheel which is to be changed. In many cars there that has become a mark or a kind of small metal piece under which the lifter can then be made and on which he then subject.
  3. After the lifter has his position, you can start a crank on the threaded rod and begin to turn this crank in the intended direction. The thread is now attracting the legs together, thus the "chassis" along with the lifting support, and thus also the vehicle is raised at this point.
  4. Is now the car wheel off the ground, so it floats "in the air", you can change the wheel. If the change occurs, have the vehicle back down by cranking in the opposite direction.

What should be considered when using the jack

Thus, there is no accident in the use of the jack and it also works fine, some points should be noted.

  • Before using this service, you should make sure that the vehicle is on a straight level and not something on the grass or other uneven surfaces. In addition, there should be a downhill "route".
  • If you need to change the tire because of a breakdown on the road, you should not do this if possible directly on the road. However, this is not possible, it is important to secure the site and to make the cars coming attentive. For this purpose, you should set up a warning triangle and press the hazard warning flashers.
  • In addition to the jack, you must still carry some other "equipment". This includes, in any case, a wrench to loosen the wheel nuts. In addition, a warning triangle and a safety vest should be available.
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