How make a masterpiece jewelry - so make it goldsmiths

How make a masterpiece jewelry - so make it goldsmiths

Before the actual design many considerations are necessary.

The master first checks the materials

When designing jewelry a master goldsmith is first of all check the materials before it gets to the design of the piece. The following criteria play a role, among other things:

  • Of course, in the choice of materials, the colors of the raw materials play a major role. Warm gold or cool silver, and white gold or platinum is used. Sometimes a mixture of two different metals fits. This also includes the color of the stones, which are available in a variety of colors.
  • The material must not only beautiful together and look to the customer, its properties must be considered. Thus, there are, for example, quite soft stones like opals, amber (which is not really a stone) and the most opaque stones. These are not so good for rings, because they can be easily damaged here. In a necklace, however, they can be processed. Hard stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires or are also suitable as a gem for rings. It always mus the question be asked, what should withstand the jewel.

Professional Jewelry Design by goldsmith

Before going to the purely aesthetic considerations in jewelry design, master goldsmith examine the design still some practical key points.

  • Is the jewelry design functional? That is, a ring, for example, should not by any exposed elements tear the clothes that a collier not pricks in the neck and that the carrier remains nowhere hang it.
  • Is the piece as possible? Although see some designs on paper nice, but can not be realized - either generally or no to that of the processed goldsmith tools.
  • Then, finally, the piece must, if it is a customer order, be adjusted in size and style to the customer. This usually happens in consultation with that which expresses his ideas, whereupon the master goldsmith then draws up a feasible plan and does the same after Absegnung by the customer to the execution.
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