How much does a good stud - costing

How much does a good stud - costing

A stud takes a lot of green space. © siepmannH / Pixelio

Establish facts before

The term good stud can be defined differently by each. Therefore consider in advance what you mean:

  • Would you like to breed horses or you want to set only horses? In the second variant, you should also consider whether you want to set then only geldings and mares or stallions.
  • Also note that the stud must be set up differently, if you think this is a young group of horses and / or train them. Furthermore, there is a difference, if you want to offer your customers riding lessons.
  • Once you have clarified the facts above, you should further consider: Is a paddock or you need a riding arena? Or do you want to afford the luxury of your own gallop track?

A good stud and its location

If you have resolved all the questions above, then you have decided for themselves what is a good stud. Thus, this opinion is shared by the rest of the world, other factors are critical:

  • Note the geographical location. Depending on what your goal, it should be close to a city or remote in nature.
  • Remember that young horses need a lot of exercise. Therefore, would make a great stud - away from a dangerous road - makes sense.
  • Riding customer or adjuster prefer a stable, which is quickly and easily accessible. Nevertheless, this should provide a nice riding area.

How much does the dream

The calculation of how much a horse farm costs, turns out sometimes difficult. Finally, the answer to how much this will cost, depending on some conditions:

  • Specify the size. This concerns the land, on the other hand the necessary building.
  • In the second step you should take into account the geographical location. Solitary farms are more favorable than those that are located near the city.
  • Apply to multiple brokers to get yourself differentiated offerings. Compare these in detail.
  • Still be added the cost of the horses and their maintenance costs to these costs. Do you have any experience with regard to the maintenance of a stud, then you should by a calculation of professionals.
  • Apart from the feed costs are added to this serious costs such as manure disposal, maintenance of the coupling and of course also vet and blacksmith services.
  • To answer the question of how much a good stud costs, final, you should consult expected nor any fence costs. Again, you can contact an expert and can calculate the costs.
  • Once you have all the numbers, you only have to add this and you know what costs you can expect. Alternatively, you might be able to rent a stud, then replace the purchasing costs by the monthly rent payments.

Cost example of a stud

To illustrate the calculation with the above facts, we expect by way of example. Suppose you want to maintain a stable of 20 horses in Northern Germany.

  • They have horses with a stick of 1.50 meters. Then you need per nine square box (double withers square). In addition, you need a tread per horse per 18 square meters plus 100 sqm floor area. At 20 horses it would then be 180 m² and 460 m² surface boxing exercise area.
  • Note that you still need pastures to the pure air runs. At least a half acre per horse, so another 10 acres of greenery: The principle applies.
  • For such a stud, you have to expect some 400,000 euros. In this case, this would be ready to move; if you can renovate a stud itself, then fall naturally at lower costs.
  • Well, there are the ongoing costs for: A good farrier required per cut from 25 to 60 euros, a full fitting costs 90 to 200 euros. So you calculate with 500 to 4000 Euros for all horses. Since the farrier must come only every eight weeks, you have approximately 250 to 2000 Euros per month at a cost.
  • The vet bills you can not plan well, unfortunately. For deworming you need 120 euro per horse per year, vaccinations cost about the same. Now you have acquired monthly cost of 400 euros. Note, however, that these costs can soar when a horse ill.
  • Last but not least, the feed and bedding costs are added. A horse with 500 kg requires 10 kg of hay per day, so here incur costs of approximately € 40 per month. In the litter you have to expect 50-100 euros per month. Total cost: 2800 €.
  • Do you want to breed, then you should anticipate at least for a breeding stallion. 500 Euro. However, also cost 10,000 euros world famous breeding stallions. For frozen semen around 1000 euros will be charged.

Conclusion: The above prices are only food prices. If you still need staff, then increase these prices.

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