How to get out of the private health insurance?

How to get out of the private health insurance?

Health insurance is compulsory.

Notice by the private health insurance

  • According to the Insurance Contract Act, you can use your existing health insurance only notice if you can prove that you are otherwise insured, and your new contract guarantees at least outpatient and inpatient care. To avoid the risk of unsigned time, you should first submit a sample application to another health insurance at a planned change, and cancel the contract after confirmation your previous health insurance.
  • If you slip a result of your lower earnings below the income threshold from the current 49,500 EUR, or because the legislature has raised the income threshold again, you would automatically revert back to the statutory health insurance. Enter your work completely on, it is sufficient to be included in the family insure your spouse.
  • You can also arrange with your employer, if necessary, a salary cut and so below the insurance limit.
  • However, you must, within three months' notice your private health insurance, and the insurer to prove your new insurance contract within two months of the written request. Miss the deadline, you, the private health insurance is not retroactive, but only currently released at the end of the month. Otherwise, the notice period is three months to the end of the insurance or the calendar year. In detail, this contract shall prevail.
  • In the case of dues, you also have a contract without termination.
  • You may for a change in the statutory health insurance, however, not be older than 55 years. Then the trail is blocked in the case of compulsory insurance. The legislature thus prevents privately insured persons who have benefited at a young age from low premiums and better performance, can change a security scheme again in the most cost-effective public health insurance in old age.

Alternatives to the change in the legal Checkout

  • In this case, you can also switch to a standard tariff of your private health insurance, where you have to pay a maximum of the maximum contribution in the statutory health insurance, taking into account your age provisions.
  • But you can also insure voluntarily by law if you can show a total period of insurance of at least 24 months in the statutory health insurance in the last five years.
  • The question of how to get out of the private health insurance, can ultimately only be answered individually and should be strategically considered.
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