How to measure the pulse in dogs?

How to measure the pulse in dogs?

The pulse is measured most easily in a relaxed animal.

Depending on the breed, size and age, dogs have a different pulse. However smaller dogs always have a faster heartbeat than larger dogs. A great dog usually has 80 to 100 beats per minute, a little dog, however, 100 to 120.

Where do you measure the pulse of the dog?

  • The pulse is measured best on the inside of the hind legs. To do this, put three fingers to close the abdominal wall. The correct place has a small hollow and is behind the leg fold direction abdominal wall.
  • If you feel a slight knock, then you are in the femoral artery of the dog and have found the right place to measure the pulse. You need to exert great pressure, but only slightly access the artery.

How do you measure the pulse of the dog?

  • With three fingers you practice now of a slight pressure on the site until you feel a slight knock. If not, move your fingers back and forth minimal. If you are in the femoral artery, then you can use the knock tracking the pulse.
  • If you do not find the pulse at this point, simply measure the heartbeat of the dog. This put the flat hand on the chest of the animal. The correct position is located under the left elbow roughly between the third and sixth ribs of the animal.

How is the pulse rate in dogs counted?

  • If one measures the pulse of the femoral artery of the animal, you count the beats for 15 seconds. This number is multiplied by four and has thus determines the pulse rate per minute.
  • Measure the pulse through the heartbeat, so you must count the beats for 20 seconds and then multiply by three. For instance if you counted 35 beats, so the dog has a pulse of the 105th
  • Veterinarians advise you to examine the dog once a week. Look at the eyes and ears of the animal, look for paws and pads and watch the fur of the animal. With an extensive unit cuddle your dog will never feel this uncomfortable, but will let you all watching at rest and in between with a few small pats you can praise the beast.
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