"How to use a washing machine?" - Step-by-Step Guide

"How to use a washing machine?"  - Step-by-Step Guide

Washing clothes is not difficult.

How to use a washing machine

  1. Let's get together enough laundry to allow the operation of the washing machine is also worthwhile.
  2. Divide your laundry first in whites and others. Cottons are towels, tea towels, linens and everything that can withstand higher temperatures. A help provide the washing labels sewn into each garment. It is noted there, with as many degrees and whether it should be washed gently. Gentle cycle is indicated by the curved line below the washtub shown in which the recommended number of degrees stands. Delicates like silk and wool wash separately, namely select switch on your device for the appropriate wash.
  3. The rest is the 30-degree wash. You divide by color. All Dark on the one hand and on the other hand makes everything bright two piles. Be especially wary of new lingerie pieces, as they can still lose color and there is a risk that white or very light colored laundry discolour when you wash this together. The same is true for the whites. Jeans and black / dark blue / dark green shirts can be passed along in the washing machine.
  4. Set the corresponding temperature. In whites, it is sufficient as a rule, if you choose 60 degrees.
  5. Do not add detergent. Who uses powder instead of liquid detergent, may dispense with the addition of descaler.
  6. A dash of vinegar or diluted citric acid replaces the softener.
  7. If necessary, open the water supply. In some ancient constructions of the drain hose must not be hung in the toilet or the sink.
  8. Turn on the machine. While the machine is running, you should stay home to be with any leaks or other problems with the equipment on site and the same remedy.
  9. The final wash and hang them refer either to dry on a line or give them in the dryer. Again, you must choose the right temperature.

Note the laundry this too

  • Fill the drum no more than two-thirds, so that the clothes can still move.
  • Avoid if possible on the use of liquid fabric softener, because he vermulmt the detergent container with time and mold making. Use fabric softener cloths for the dryer, if you have such.
  • Otherwise, enter a dash of vinegar or diluted citric acid in the wash.
  • Who uses household appliances, it should also maintain and service. So you need to clean the lint screen from time to time. Refer to the user guide, how to proceed with your model.
  • Do not wash if possible outside the rest periods, since the spin often causes more or less strong vibrations that could interfere with your neighbors.

The washing is one of the common household activities and is not difficult. If you divide your clothes in colors and temperatures, there is little danger that discolors your laundry or shrink.

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