Hungary - Air

Hungary - Air

The climate at Lake Balaton is determined by Mediterranean influences.

Climatic influences in Hungary

If you've ever been to Hungary, you probably know that, nor is there a rule on real summer weather, with warm temperatures and little rain rely on. What kind of climate you should expect in this country?

  • Hungary is a landlocked country that is mostly flat, dominated by middle mountain ranges inland and no direct connection to the open sea has. In the West, the Alps and in the north the Central Mountains shield largely on Atlantic low foothills.
  • This situation has a direct effect on the climate, which provides some protection against extreme weather conditions. In large parts of the country has a continental climate, also called continental climate, with warm to hot summers and cool winters.
  • Surely you want to know when Hungary is most likely to rain. In general fall in the months of May, June and November, the most rainfall, the probability of rain in the country from west to east decreases.

That does not mean at all that it only rains during these months. So you can appear on the nose in May and June the sun for several hours just as.

Air in Budapest and Lake Balaton

Since Budapest and Balaton are among the most beautiful destinations in Hungary, to be considered in more detail here the climate.

  • The summer is quite warm and dry in Budapest, where you can expect in July and August with about nine hours of sunshine and an average daily temperature of about 27 ° C. The night stays relatively mild 15 ° C.
  • Also at Lake Balaton, you can fill up really much sun. The area around the lake is one with about 2000 hours of sunshine a year, the sunniest country in Europe strokes, since act Mediterranean climate influences.
  • Get the best from June to august - pampered with an average of nine to ten hours of sunshine per day and temperatures of 26 and 30 ° C, at Lake Balaton. In August and September it rains an average of six days a month at least.
  • As other hand, sees the weather of the winter months? Both nationally and in Budapest and Lake Balaton winters are cold, but with tolerable temperatures averaging two degrees. In January and February it can also light freeze, to -3 ° C,. You must also reckon with snow. The sun makes himself scarce in winter - often the sky is overcast and it blows a strong wind.

Of course, a trip to this beautiful land is possible all year round. However, since it can be quite hot in the summer months, in that time, a trip to Lake Balaton is cheaper than a city tour in Budapest, you can also perform in April, September or October at more pleasant temperatures. Note: All values ​​are average values ​​for which no guarantee or warranty can be given.

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