IKEA: Billy doors customize - Tips and Ideas

IKEA: Billy doors customize - Tips and Ideas

You can use it to purchase all sorts of colors.

Slight variation to customize Billy

The fastest and easiest way to change the doors of IKEA series by decorating them with packing tape or with so-called wall decals. This can be achieved easily and can be undone again and again if necessary.

  1. In the hardware store or furniture stores there are numerous adhesive films or wall tattoos that you can use to design your Billy cabinets. Look around and choose according to your taste a pattern or a design from.
  2. Now clean the surface of the doors carefully to ensure that they are free of dust and grease. You can completely remove grease stains with methylated spirits. Make sure then that you really dry the doors completely.
  3. Cut your film if necessary to the desired size. Then disconnect at a corner of the foil and place it carefully on the Billy cabinets.
  4. Now loosen in small sections off the protective film from the adhesive sheet and press the adhesive film with a cloth laid on the surface. Make sure that there is no air. The pressing succeed often easier through the use of a spatula.

Shaping the IKEA doors with paint

Creative you can be with different paint colors from the hardware store.

  1. Simply mount the cabinet doors IKEA system and place it on a covered with old newspaper flat surface.
  2. Now clean the cabinet doors thoroughly. With detergent, water and alcohol, this is very straightforward and usually mild. Dry the surface thoroughly afterwards.
  3. Now you can design the cabinet doors with lacquer. With a paint colors suitable paint roller, you can even make the nice door surface in a variety of paint colors. Through the use of multiple colors, you can also get interesting and unusual gradients. If you want to have patterns on your doors so you can dab with a brush and stencil on the doors.
  4. After designing the doors should dry for several hours before you install it again on your Billy cabinets.
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