Improve garden soil - thus manages's with fertilization

Improve garden soil - thus manages's with fertilization

Improve garden soil fertilization

Heavy improve garden soil - Information

  • Severe garden soil, ie loamy soil often contains a lot of water, which is hardly given to the plants. Recognizable this earth in the "sausage" that can be kneaded out of the earth.
  • Nevertheless, it is here also possible to improve the ground. Including green manure, leaves, organic manure and compost soil structure is improved quickly.
  • Fertilization should be done either before planting when no ground frost prevails, or after harvest time, when no further plants are planned over the year.
  • The easiest way to green manuring. Here you can replant the areas to be fertilized, with summer vetch, lupine, radish, buckwheat, oats, Marigold, Marigold or Persian clover. These plants do not only fight soil pests. Loosen the soil and help to keep the water in the soil better.
  • Mowed green manure can later serve as mulch to cover.
  • Organic fertilizer you are using by following the instructions on the packaging.
  • The compost mix in the fall or in the spring just below the ground.
  • Very good is also suitable horse or cow manure. Who has the opportunity to come to this kind of fertilization, they should use it. Just like compost fertilization is simply mixed with the earth.

Improve sandy soil - how it works

  • Sandy garden soil has the disadvantage that nutrients can be hardly maintained. Even with a fertilization they are washed out almost immediately. Sandy soil, you recognize wild plants such as plantain, clover field poppy or sand and fine, rippling sand.
  • This helps the mixing in compost, to improve the soil.
  • Enter the compost still some clay, stone powder or humus to do so. So keep the nutrients in the soil longer.
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