In the 400-euro-job health insurance? - Find out the insurance freedom in the SHI

In the 400-euro-job health insurance?  - Find out the insurance freedom in the SHI

A health insurance that everyone should have.

Basically, any employee or worker 1 is a compulsory member health insurance in statutory health insurance, which is employed for remuneration, § 5 para. No. 1 SGB V. Of these, there are exceptions, including those relating marginal employment at a 400-Euro-Job ,

No health insurance over the 400-Euro-Job

  • Who only carried on a so-called mini-job and thus earns less than 400 euros a month, is of the statutory health insurance through employment does not expense (see. § 7 para. 1 SGB V i. V. m. §§ 8 and 8a SGB IV) ,
  • The so-called freedom in the statutory health insurance also exists for other groups of people. For example, even one who is not compulsory national health insurance, the regular annual income exceeds a certain limit (2012: € 45,900 annual income).
  • But only with respect to the applied employment cf. § 1 No. 3 SGB V. In addition, paragraph 6 there is still a student mandatory health insurance -. Even for students who work part while studying, the insurance waiver covers...
  • Who exerts a 400-euro job, however, is often recorded on different facts in public health insurance.

Health insurance in addition to a secondary activity

  • If you only have a part-time job, salary, sometimes even improved on by an ancillary activity to 400-euro basis. Medical insurance is he on the social security scheme, for the 400-Euro-Job no social security taxes must be paid by the employee.
  • Even those who have health insurance contributory about the family insurance, a 400-Euro-Job § can exercise without having to pay them health insurance contributions, see FIG. 10, para. 1, no. 5 SGB V.

Not every employee is recognized over the statutory health insurance. A 400-Euro-Job is exempt from social security for workers.

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