In the laminate up joints - how it works

In the laminate up joints - how it works

Joint sealing is usually not necessary. © schemmi / Pixelio

Important to laminate flooring

Before you're getting ready to seal the joints of laminate flooring, you should consider the following:

  • There are many different laminates, some have a decorative layer of paper, these laminates may be particularly at the edges of the individual boards discolored by de products. Make the safety test on a scrap before discussing the floor.
  • The products are intended to seal new floors, before you have the baseboards installed. If you want to seal up after a few years of use, remove the baseboards and clean the floor thoroughly. Especially abrasion rubber shoes you should rub off with an eraser you seal these otherwise a.
  • Adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer of the respective sealing. Some preliminary cleaning with certain products is required. Stick to it. Some products must be applied to certain waiting periods again, others will be polished off. This can be very different.

Note the joints in the laminate with any of the products thus sealed, as is the case with parquet, but you can protect something the joints and edges against water and dirt ingress. Also nano sealants protect something from scratches and prevent damage if you spill liquids times. You still have to be careful with moisture.

Seal the joints, step by step

  1. Remove the baseboards, provided that they were already mounted. To prevent the products there puddles and verquillt the laminate in the area.
  2. Reingen floor thoroughly with a broom and vacuum cleaner. Remove if any traces of dirt by boots.
  3. Wipe the floor with a damp floor wiper. New floors should not be previously mopped some products! Wear it as necessary to the Voreiniger. In nano sealants which is usually the case.
  4. Now work uniformly the product on to seal the joints. You must avoid puddling. Wait the prescribed time and if necessary take the next layer.
  5. Polish them the laminate of residues of the product for sealing the joints and install the baseboards again.
  6. Also, use at least between every now and again penetrates later for cleaning products with edge protection, these are not meant to seal the joints, but prevent the water on the edges of the laminate into the boards.

In rooms with normal use of soil sealing the joints in laminate is usually not necessary, Nano sealants may also facilitate cleaning.

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