Ingredients for Pasta Salad - a recipe with mayonnaise

Ingredients for Pasta Salad - a recipe with mayonnaise

Pasta salad is simple, delicious and varied.

Even for classic pasta salad with mayonnaise, there are several recipes. You can prepare it with sausage or vegetarian, with or without peas and of course with mushrooms, pickles or even just different. Look at what the fridge will bear. As long as noodles and mayonnaise are in the house, the salad is nothing to prevent.

A variety of ingredients for salad with noodles

  • It starts with the noodles. For this salad are without a doubt. But which one? Spirellinudeln or elbow macaroni are the most commonly used. Children love funny shapes. As a healthy alternative you can use whole wheat pasta. Vegans use those without egg. Self colored pasta from the market are suitable. If you want to add color to the salad, but looks colorful vegetables combined with single colors as a contrast of beautiful.
  • It is important not to cook the noodles too soft. They should be al dente. Read on the package, what is there to the necessary cooking time. After cooking, the pasta must cool.
  • Other classic ingredients heard mayonnaise. Professionals will introduce your self mayonnaise ago. The vast majority of chefs buys on the market. Here you can choose between calorie light products and other variants. It is also possible to replace some of the mayonnaise with plain yogurt. Healthy Olive oil is also suitable for supplementation. Mediterranean Pasta Salad completely without mayonnaise.
  • Whether you like sausage, bacon or ham in a salad, is up to you. Frequently sausage meat is cut into small cubes and add. Also cooked ham is often used. Meanwhile Recipes with tofu known. If you prepare salad for many guests from sharing some of it so that you can offer a vegetarian option. The remaining ingredients are the same. If you omit only the sausage.
  • Now comes the most creative part of the preparation. To add color to the salad, give many cooks in green peas. Also, yellow corn kernels and chopped red or yellow peppers look good. Classics are pickled cucumbers, mushrooms and cut into short pieces asparagus. In the gherkins caution. Do not take too many, otherwise they taste too much before. With an apple, fresh, green cucumber, spring onions and grated cheese bring additional flavor to the game. You can also cook small florets of broccoli and sliced ​​carrots. When asparagus it does not always have the white. Green asparagus is a good alternative.
  • As Seasonings salt and pepper, curry, paprika, mustard, chili and others are possible, depending on how you like it. If you are not so experienced, you prefer to stay once in salt and very little pepper. Maybe you need only salt. Often causes you a shot of lemon juice freshness. And last but not least fresh herbs are not only healthy, but also tasty and visually appealing. However, you should not dominate. The main ingredients remain classic pasta, mayonnaise, possibly sausage and vegetables always.

Classic pasta salad made easy

  1. Cook the pasta according to the instructions and let it cool them.
  2. Cut the gherkins into small pieces, the sausage roll the dice.
  3. Now put all the ingredients in a large bowl. Mix everything with the mayonnaise. Do you find your vegetables too much, not initially give everything to it. It does not hurt here, that the amounts are not correct in grams. Try as you like best of salad. Some like it with more and others with less vegetables.
  4. If the salad is too thick, so too tight, you can carefully add some cucumber water. Also, the asparagus water is suitable. If the refrigerator ago of natural yoghurt? He can into it.
  5. Now check whether you like the composition. You may use more sausage or pickles.
  6. Get the best pervade everything a few hours. Only then you taste your pasta salad from final.

Pasta salad as a party classic is always right. He easily portable. Thus, it is ideal for a picnic, in the office or on the road to eat on. Prepared the night before, the kitchen stress is limited. On the contrary, noodle fans are sure to enjoy creative with the ingredients. Thus, pasta salad is made simple, but never boring.

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