Initial a baby at Hartz 4 - what should you know as expectant mother

Initial a baby at Hartz 4 - what should you know as expectant mother

Who gets 4 Hartz, usually must be able to add up.

The so-called rule requirements acc. § 20 SGB II will cover the livelihood of the needy. In addition, you may in certain situations be entitled to an additional requirement and it can also be provided individual services that do not fall under the control demand.

Initial for a baby and additional needs for pregnant women

  • In addition to the need for regulation under SGB II and the Hartz-4 standard benefits also entitled to an additional requirement may exist when a life situation that will result in higher cost of living.
  • As a pregnant woman you after the 12th week of pregnancy are entitled to an additional requirement of 17 percent over the need for control. See § 21 para. 2 SGB II.
  • In addition, the Job Centre Hartz 4 receiver can also assume the initial clothing for the baby and an initial supply of necessary baby furniture such as a changing table.
  • Gem. § 24 para. 3, no. 1 SGB II is made for the initial baby furniture, gem. § 24 para. 3, no. 2 SGB II equipment associated with baby clothing.
  • Consider should mind that these benefits gem. § 24 para. 3 sentence 5 SGB II can be provided both in kind as well as cash benefit.
  • This means in practice that the job center will be able to reference with regard to the necessary baby furniture at a second hand store or the furniture warehouse a social institution or your appropriate issuing vouchers.

No reference to their own income

  • Achieve addition to the benefits under SGB II own income, you may not be the job center to point out to income from this fund, the initial supply.
  • The right to be the initial is still valid. This is shown in a closed before the Social Court Dortmund comparison (see Fig. SG Dortmund S 58 AS 4686/11).

As a pregnant woman, you are entitled to a corresponding increase in demand after the SGB II and is entitled to an initial for baby wear and baby furniture. In this case, you do not need to also link it to their own income.

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