Install Aqua Stop subsequently for the dishwasher - how it works

Install Aqua Stop subsequently for the dishwasher - how it works

Install an aqua stop. © Wally Kugler / Pixelio

Difference between Aqua Stop hose and place fuses

The much cheaper Complete safety is a mechanical part, while the more expensive Aqua Stop is an electronic accessory. Basically, there are 3 systems:

  • Simple safety connection: Here the water is stopped at the inlet valve via a valve when there is a sudden drop in pressure in the hose. Keep in mind that this system is not secure if the hose secretes dropwise water or when washing and dishwasher due to an electronic failure draws too much water or if the dirty water leaks.
  • Security hoses are double-walled tubes. If the inner hose leaking, running water in the hollow layer between the tubes. There is a sensor that stops the water supply through a valve and simultaneously triggering ads for you to see that the hose is cut is. This system protected slightly better than the simple safety connection but can not help you with the water outlet on the device.
  • Electronic Aqua Stop: Here is a solenoid valve is closed on the water supply when a sensor indicates water at a location where you normally may not be water. Usually, an acoustic signal is triggered. So you can be sure that the water supply is also interrupted the dishwasher when slipped as the drain hose from siphon. However, the system also stops if you were when you brush twice with too much water to plants.

In any system you have a security if the actual hose connection is leaking between the tap and valve. If a sound when electronic water stop is triggered, but you will at least pay attention to the error and can turn off the water by hand.

Installation of protection for dishwashers

All systems are installed by the corresponding valve is bolted to the faucet and the fact the washing machine or dishwasher is connected. At Aqua Stop proceed as follows:

  1. Unscrew the hose from the dishwasher faucet. You must ev. Use a pipe wrench.
  2. Now mount the valve from AquaStop very carefully and with a new gasket on the tap. This connection is not protected by the Aqua Stop because it is prior to the system. So close this part very carefully and make sure that no water between tap and valve leakage. This will normally be tightened by hand.
  3. Now connect the dishwasher to the solenoid valve of the aquastops. Of course, this part should be dense, but from here affects the Aqua Stop, this connection would leak, the Aqua Stop would turn off the water. Again, you should install without pliers.
  4. Read the instruction manual of the Auqastops, as this sometimes must also be programmed or because the connection order is well defined on some devices.
  5. Attach the control part of the aquastops on the wall. From this, you must, with the appropriate connection cables can reach an electrical outlet, the valve on the faucet and the floor under the dishwasher.
  6. Place a water sensor under the dishwasher and connect it to the appropriate port on the control part of the aquastops.
  7. Connect the control part of the aquastops with the solenoid valve on the tap and the power connector to an AC outlet.
  8. Turn on the device and program it if necessary.

So easy you can retrofit a washing machine or dishwasher with an aqua stop.

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