Insulation - Find out more

Insulation - Find out more

Heating and cooling protection there is in man and animals.

Natural insulation in animals and humans

Many people associate the thermal insulation (protection against heat or cold) with the construction. There are thermal insulation both in the animal world as well as in humans.

  • So protect animals with feathers or fur against a loss of heat or from overheating. People use for insulating clothing from animal fur, synthetic or vegetable fibers.
  • In humans and animals in addition a layer of fat still serves as insulation.

Thermal insulation of buildings

  • Due to the rising energy prices in recent decades a regulation on energy-saving thermal insulation in buildings was adopted in the 70s of the 20th century. In 2002, the first energy saving regulations came into force.
  • To meet these regulations do justice, older buildings were subsequently provided with insulation materials made of mineral fibers and foams, airgel, vacuum insulating, cellulose flakes and other materials. So heating costs have been reduced and the stay in the rooms during the summer months more bearable. As a result, air conditioners were less used, operating costs were saved and the environment is protected.
  • Different insulation types were the respective claims of the building needs. A historic adobe building may be impossible provided with an outer insulation (attaching the insulation of the facade). Here is frequently the internal insulation (attaching the insulation materials in the interior) is used.
  • In northern Germany, the core insulation is common. Here, the insulation between the three-shell wall is attached.
  • Modern buildings now come from a glass-air-glass facade as thermal insulation.
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