Intimate Shave - what you should watch out for

Intimate Shave - what you should watch out for

To work out the intimate shaving.

Intimate Shave - Tips for the gentle wet shave

To remove the pubic hair really well, is not that easy. There are many different ways to shave private parts. A method that works best and is also inexpensive, is the wet shaving.

  • For wet shaving, you should never use disposable razors. These razors are qualitative rather poor. The blade is not smooth 100 percent and can cause as little damage to the skin. This not only caused slight bleeding, but after a few days under certain circumstances to small pimples.
  • You should be careful when buying the razor that he has a pivoting head, so he can perform better.
  • You can also buy a razor that has everything in one - "All in One". These razors, the blade is already surrounded with shaving cream. These razors are very good but more expensive.
  • Buy best a normal wet razor with replaceable blades. The replacement blades you can always buy more when needed. If you shave regularly, you should change the blades every 3 weeks.
  • In the wet shave you need a shaving gel or a Rasiermousse. Decision Support this should be the one which is better for your skin, on the other hand, which is better for you. Shaving gels are more expensive, but very productive.
  • In a wet shave, you should take time always because you can cut or easily slip under stress.
  • If you are nice and soft make the hair before shaving -. For example, through a bath or a hot shower - they are more pliable and can be removed more easily.
  • Shave with lots of light, so you can see all locations as well.
  • In the intimate shave the genital area, you should always lather well, because thereby the hair soft and can be easily shave.
  • Do not scrub with a hand grabbing always smooth, while holding with the other hand on the shaver.
  • Women should always take care of your labia, because there is very wrinkled skin naturally. You should always shave with full concentration here.
  • Always shave in the direction of growth of pubic hair. If you shave in the opposite direction, the risk of injury is very high.
  • To soothe the skin after shaving, you should then apply a cream that soothes your skin. You should not use creams with perfume, because they irritate the skin again. Wear z. B. a little baby oil on the shaved skin on, this returns a lot of moisture. If you suffer from sensitive skin very, you should put some cream your shaved skin with some ointment.
  • If you shave in the evening, you should not wear underwear because these additional scrubs and can cause skin irritation.

The intimate shave with a dry shaver

The intimate shaving with an electric razor is not as thorough as compared to wet shaving. Here, the pubic hairs are cut by the rotary shaving heads.

  • You should definitely buy a razor that is suitable especially for dry shaving intimate areas. These are smaller and handier than normal beard shaver and are thus perfect for shaving in the genital area in men and women.
  • If you buy an electric shaver for the genital area, please ensure that it is equipped with a trimmer. A normal shaving head can not shave properly somewhat longer pubic hair. You can use scissors for this, however, also before.
  • Before shaving you should not go swimming or showering, because the soft hairs are only a hindrance at a dry shave. Shaving would not be thoroughly, because it would remain very many hairs are. Therefore, please take a shower after the dry shaving.
  • As with the wet shave you should pull the skin always smooth with a hand, because otherwise it can quickly lead to injuries.
  • Also, you should always run the shaver in direction of hair growth and keep pressing it lightly in a circular motion.
  • If you have more practice in the dry shave in the intimate area, you can attach the shaver against the grain, so you get a perfect, smooth results. Even if you use both options one by one, there is an optimal result.
  • Just as with the wet shave lotion should the skin properly after shaving good here.
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