Iron - Instructions for shirts and dress pants

Iron - Instructions for shirts and dress pants

At the ironing one must not despair.

How to iron shirts wrinkle free

Basically, you should make sure that the dry laundry is not too long in the temple basket. The longer it is, the more difficult it is to iron the shirts. You have the option to take an ironing aid in the form of spray for help, which is to get into any drugstore.

  1. Spray your shirt with water, so that it is slightly damp.
  2. Start first with the collar. Iron out from the edge to the middle of this. First, fill in the back and then the visible front of the collar.
  3. It continues with the sleeves. There are ironed out the cuffs. Open the cuff and place it flat out. Iron the inside of the cuff and subsequently the outside.
  4. Place the sleeve on the board so that the cuff placket facing upward. Once you have the sleeves smoothed, you can iron it. Following this, you simply turn the sleeves and iron the back.
  5. Do the same with the second sleeve.
  6. Put the shirt with the front side with the buttons across the board. Iron this page now complete. Adjust the button bar to something. The shirt can easily go over the front of the ironing board, then there is the page for ironing nice and smooth on the board.
  7. You can then connect the shirt on and on, pull the knob to the front page piece by piece over the ironing board and iron as the back.
  8. Once this is ironed, concludes the side of the shirt, on which are the buttonholes.
  9. After ironing, hang the shirt on a hanger and button it to prevent the formation of any new wrinkles.

Instructions for a smooth suit pants

In this guide you will learn how to iron a dress slacks with creases. Pay attention to the correct temperature setting on the iron. You can look at the label of the pants.

  1. In the first step you iron inside the pockets of his pants.
  2. Close the buttons and zipper suit pants before continuing.
  3. Thus, the delicate fabric of the suit pants remains in good condition, use a clean kitchen towel to help, which you place between the iron and ironing pants.
  4. First, the waistband is ironed. Just drag the pants over the front of the ironing board and iron the collar from left to right.
  5. Pull the pants on over the board until you have pressed all around the entire hem.
  6. In addition, you can still ironing into something in the pants, not just the outer collar edge.
  7. Connecting the legs to be ironed. Fold the pant leg so that the seams exactly superimposed and the pants folds in the middle of the leg. This is the crease.
  8. Place the folded leg flat on the ironing board. The seam of the pants can be seen in the middle and the creases form the top and bottom edge.
  9. Iron now the trouser leg from both sides. At the crease to make ironing a little more often or the fold with a little ironing aid spray, so that it is clearly visible.
  10. Do the same with the other leg.
  11. Hang the trousers to the leg seams on a hanger.

With this guide, you will surely soon to the temple pro for shirts and dress pants.

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