Japan Dogwood - cultivation information

Japan Dogwood - cultivation information

The Japanese dogwood is relatively easy to maintain.

You should select the correct location for the Japan Dogwood

The best time to plant the crop is in the spring. Therefore, you should preferably make a planting in the garden this time of year.

  • For the optimal growth of the plant, you should therefore choose a place that allows the Japan Dogwood spread. For the plant it is in fact characteristic growth quite rapidly in width and in height. Full grown the crop eventually reaches a height of about three meters and a width of about 150 centimeters, which you should expect a growth of about 20 to 35 centimeters per year.
  • Do you prefer when selecting further comprises a fairly bright, sunny or partially shaded spot.
  • In the soil, you should also make sure that it is kept moderately acid and further is quite loose. In addition, the soil should be rich in humus.

Taken irrigation and fertilization of Cornus kousa Teutonia under the microscope

  • Since the Japanese dogwood is relatively robust, it is not so tragic if you forget to water the plant. Because even with drought, the plant gets along well. However, you should pour extensively after a prolonged dry period yet, so the plant is again supplied sufficient.
  • In the fertilization of the crop However, you should be careful. Best use no chemical fertilizers, since these artificial products of the plant can cause a lot of damage. Use for this reason prefer a natural fertilizer. Compost fertilizer fulfills this fully its purpose. It is enough if you mix regular basis in the fall of compost with the soil so the plant with nutrients, etc. are supplied.
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