Joltawan Barodscheff - Informative

Joltawan Barodscheff - Informative

Not every state is real.

What is striking in Joltawan Barodscheff

  • If you may not be quite attentive, follow the television, you will sometimes encounter messages like "Joltawan Barodscheff, dictator of Lampukistan rejects the Constitution".
  • If this message is to let startled look on screen, you will probably see displays a map on which the contours of the land can be seen. Case a little familiar with German geography, you might notice the similarity with the state of Saxony.
  • As a politically interested citizens, you may be surprised to hear neither the country nor of the dictator. On the other hand happening in the world quite a lot, as it may happen that a new state was founded and a dictator escape. You could take the opportunity to do research on the Internet.
  • On the net you will find it quickly and find a lot of information to state and dictator. You learn so strange things, like he's St. Pauli fan and is the state with weapons, opium, stones and potato pancakes.
  • That should be reason to look at the information page that calls itself Uncyclopedia. You should also take Joltawan Barodscheff and Lampukistan under the microscope.

Recognize satire as such

  • The page Stupidedia you should actually already appear by name memorable. Read times exactly Stupid - dia. If you do not yet take to the track under the logo appears on every page "The nonsensical encyclopedia". In the self-representation should be noted that this is a nonsensical encyclopedia.
  • So you can assume that everything you have learned about the dictator and the country is also nonsense. So the question remains, why are you have heard in a news broadcast of both.
  • Think again. The show was guaranteed on ProSieben, but the news was RTL-to-date. How can that be? You have seen Switch reloaded with a parody of the newscast. Michael Kessler played the role of Kloeppel. It is striking that he in the real mission Antonia Rados, long questions, the capital correspondent Porada Ninfu, that answers this with a simple yes or no.
  • Evidence of satire are more than strange names that really sense in German and totally absurd "facts". In such a case, you should always think of satire. But the fact is that Joltawan Barodscheff and Lampukistan live an almost independent life on the Internet. You will encounter not only at Uncyclopedia data over the state, but some other satirical pages explore the web, if you follow this track.
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