Kärcher spray extraction - out to look for in the model selection

Kärcher spray extraction - out to look for in the model selection

With the right tool spots are no longer a problem.

What Kärcher spray extraction is the right one?

  1. At the beginning of your selection process, the question of the application surface should be. Need to Waschsauger how the Kärcher spray extraction are also called, for private use or plan to use it in a commercial environment? While entry level for the private sector to create about 20 square meters per hour, the machines are used for industrial measurements on whole 90 sqm. That's of course also noticeable in the price - and clearly.
  2. Another crucial factor for the selection of the correct model is the capacity of each tank. While you would hamper in their own homes by large tanks for fresh and dirty water unnecessarily, to provide small containers in the commercial sector for equally unnecessary work.
  3. Would you like upholstery and carpets just occasionally to refresh and get rid of slight dirt, a simple little vacuum washer is perfectly adequate. Do you need to move regularly, however, heavy soiling to the body, it should already be a device with high pressure and heating function.

Tips for Choosing the washing vacuum cleaner

  • Before you decide on a Karcher Spray extraction, borrow it from the sample. Hardware stores and dry cleaners offer this service frequently. Even if you do not get it right the perfect model, so you get a first idea and know if you need a more powerful or a simpler sufficient.
  • Are you undecided between two models, the simpler vacuum washer with an additional brushing washing head can be an ideal compromise.
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