Lay impact sound insulation - how it works

Lay impact sound insulation - how it works

The impact sound insulation you should by no means forget.

Why you need an impact sound insulation

  • As the name suggests, protects the impact sound insulation of sound that occurs when you step on the flooring. For this reason, you should called impact sound insulation or sound insulation, by no means forget laying laminate or wood floors, otherwise every step of you in the room below is a nuisance.
  • Since laminate and parquet is laid as a floating (without contact with the ground beneath) the impact sound insulation is especially important. She is usually made of foam, mineral wool, wood fiber boards, cork or similar materials.
  • How good the sound is trapped, lies on the thickness of the insulation. The thicker the material, the better the insulation. Normally, impact sound insulation are sold in large rolls, of a width of one meter and different lengths.

To move him right

  1. Take the role and begin to roll to one side of the room sound insulation. Once you reach the other side of the room, separate clean the defined path from the roll.
  2. Now fix the defined path a little so they do not slip.
  3. Next to it lay out the next train, and in a way that they do not overlap. This is very important to obtain a perfect sound insulation.
  4. Have you laid and fixed the web, take a special impact tape and paste this cleanly over the small gap between the sheets. So you have the paths connected to each other and at the same time nothing can slip.
  5. This simply repeat until the entire floor is covered with sound insulation. Subsequently, the laminate or wood floors can be laid over it.

It is important that no jobs to find really, because otherwise, so-called sound bridges. You should also make sure that everything is on one level, because if you lay the laminate or hardwood about it, you can no longer influence it when the ground is perhaps not quite straight.

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