LEGO Technic - a truck build so

LEGO Technic - a truck build so

LEGO Technic is not just for kids, and adults can enjoy it!

LEGO Technic vehicles for sale - Notes

Children are in their development usually first with Playmobil and Duplo in touch. A little later, most guys can inspire LEGO. But only the true techies among the children find pleasure in LEGO Technic.

  • Here are the blueprints of LEGO Technic vehicles, which often contain pneumatic components, even for adults is a major challenge.
  • Particularly interesting for children are trucks, available at LEGO Technic in various models. Whether yellow or red front with big shovel or a little behind, the creative boffins are apparently set no limits to LEGO Technic.
  • The vehicles can be ordered via the Internet on the official LEGO Technic store or on Amazon. If you going to the shop prefer, you can buy a lot of LEGO Technic vehicles everybody.

To build the Mini Tow Truck together

The Mini Tow Truck you assemble in two steps. In the first step, you assemble the cabin, which consists mainly of the orange parts. Then mount the wheels and the crane.

  1. First, sort the hardware, so you have a better overview when assembling the trucks.
  2. For the cab, you must first put together some small parts and then these two parts together.
  3. Now add two cross braces and assemble it the first parts that already belong to the cockpit (orange).
  4. Another component of the cockpit is created and linked to the original part.
  5. Then assemble the bumper and later bring them also to the cockpit.
  6. For stability purposes other interconnections now be attached and finally to prepare the compound with the later gantry.
  7. Starting from your built in the first part of the cockpit, you now assemble the crane and the wheels. The crane is made up of the red parts and glued by some cross braces at the rear of the truck.
  8. Next step is to attach the unit using a cross-connection and three nuts on the winch crane.
  9. Now you have to pull the winch on the gantry in the next step and install the device for the hook.
  10. The following are some intermediate steps on the lower floor, which should allow the attachment of the wheels. For the wheels, first press the wheel in the wheel. Then attach the brake discs and the cross-connect in a way that in the last step can attach to the truck the wheel.
  11. Now only missing the warning lamp you to click on in the cab.

You may not still clear the mounting of the Mini Tow Trucks? Then you can look at the LEGO Technic website the instructions and can optionally print. The LEGO Technic vehicles, although relatively expensive, but you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with you.

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