Lerche - vocals

Lerche - vocals

Larks are characterized by flight vocals.

High Performance Singer - Singing in flight

Unlike most birds, the lark sing not just idle.

  • In fact, the Song of the Lark is primarily characterized by the fact the flight. So singing larks usually in the air, which you can serve as identification for a bird watching.
  • The Singflug the lark makes ontologists speak of a "high-performance singer". The bird soars to fly and a few seconds after takeoff he begins with his singing. The combination of Trillieren and climb performance required from the bird while some effort. It so happens that Lerchengesang is more intense in the wind-borne horizontal flight, as the bird can relax and concentrate on singing.
  • Once the lark chasing down a nosedive to gently land on Earth, her voice fades away abruptly. Then the bird still hardly settles in the air while singing, he brings it to an unusually long duration Sing. How to larks usually about 4 minutes trillieren at a time to determine their breeding territory and attract with their shades potential partners.
  • You can observe the flight of larks singing accordingly, especially in spring. Singing birds usually only during the day, as the song of larks is sometimes heard during summer nights.

Larks on a first tone detect

Your first clue to recognize Lerchengesang, according to the above description then, is the fact of the song. But not only the lark of other birds differs by the Singflug. Also, regardless of Lerchengesang is relatively easy to recognize.

  • So the song of the lark on the human ear is particularly rhythmic. The singing of a lark motives are diverse and varied, the birds like to imitate the songs of other species.
  • The tone in which sings a lark, is very high. Because they make a special effort must be in the air to produce vocals, the calls often seem hard and ticked off during climb.
  • In level flight, however, her singing is a little softer. The sounds that produces a lark about to be mostly as balanced melidiös, sometimes described trilling and regularly twirling.

You the song was over words now be described, somewhat abstract but as a sound should be heard to be understood. The technological age, thank the Heineinhören via YouTube and Co. should you not be a problem here.

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