Lighter Gas Refill - how it works

Lighter Gas Refill - how it works

Also suitable for smokers - refillable lighters.

To fill a lighter

Buy the gas for your lighter best in a tobacco shop. Here you will also get the necessary adapters for the transition between the gas cylinder and lighter valve in doubt.

  1. Make the filling in a well-ventilated room so as possibly occurring gas concentrations to quickly evaporate.
  2. Avoid any ignition sources, such as lighted candles or a burning cigarette, close the refills.
  3. Check in a "dry run" whether the valve of the lighter and the refill are compatible. Otherwise, use a suitable adapter.
  4. Now take the lighter in one hand and hold it so that the valve is facing up.
  5. Then set the refill bottle with the gas perpendicular to the lighter.
  6. Perform the bottle opening so in the valve, the gas while in the lighter, but can not flow past the valve.
  7. Escaping gas that is indicated by the apparent coldness at the exit point and the gas becomes visible. You should absolutely avoid.
  8. Has the lighter a transparent body, you can see the amount and stop the filling process accordingly if the lighter is completely filled.
  9. If the lighter are not transparent body, so if you notice at the back pressure on the valve when the filling is completed.
  10. Now you should wait before first use a little so that the gas has accepted you room temperature. Your lighter is now ready for use.

A wiederauff├╝llbares lighter is usually a special piece, something that you like to use more often, and do not throw it away like, if it is empty. Filling up you get not only the function but also a keepsake.

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