Living in Berlin - so you can save as a student

Living in Berlin - so you can save as a student

As a student, you can save in the capital in many places. © Dr._Stephan_Barth / Pixelio

Save even more while living

If for living in Berlin little money want to spend, you can:

  • First, you should make some sacrifices in finding accommodation in order to still get a reasonable rent can. If possible, try to absolute trend districts Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Neukölln to do without. For here the rents often reach very high prices.
  • Alternative neighborhoods to live in Berlin that are student-friendly and at the same low, are Wedding and Pankow. Here you will find beautiful old buildings that you often have to pay any commission. However, the prices are very reasonable here.
  • In addition, you can also save by founding a residential community. Here, although the basic rent is seldom really cheaper, but you can but save on running costs, such as telephone, internet and electricity.

In Berlin live cheaper with the student ID

After you have fixed costs down while living in Berlin, it comes to design inexpensive daily life.

  • In Berlin you can reach many discounts with your student ID. Especially due to the reduced theater tickets can save a lot of money. The Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxembourg Square, for example, to the 2 for 1 special for students every Wednesday. You pay a reduced price and get the second one free.
  • Also in the gym you can save money. Log in with your student ID, for example, at the Technical University to College Sports you. Here you can train for a semester for the amount that many gyms require monthly.
  • If you still want to save on food, you should look at the promotions from your favorite restaurants. In the capital, many Local very cheap and affordable lunch menu daily specials offer.
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