Loewe Xelos SL 32 - Features at a glance

Loewe Xelos SL 32 - Features at a glance

So simple to operate your Loewe Xelos SL 32nd

Key Features of the Loewe Xelos SL 32

  • On the back of your Loewe Xelos SL 32 you will find some ways to connect external devices or modules. Slide the TV carefully so that you can operate the rear well.
  • The TV comes on the back of a CI slot into which you can plug in CI modules. This shaft is elongated and is located on the upper left side of the device.
  • Under the CI slot is a USB port where you can plug a USB stick. So you can play music or watch the photos of your last vacation on the TV.
  • Next on the back side there are several ports as two Euro sockets or an HDMI connection. Again, there is a connection where you can convey a picture of your computer to the TV using a cable. You can watch downloaded movies or listen to music through the TV. You can also connect to the back of an antenna cable or receiver.

How to operate the TV

  • You can operate your TV using the supplied remote control. With the keys V + and V-, you can adjust the volume of the unit while you can adjust the P + and P- buttons the program. With the large "OK button in the middle of the remote control to access the menu or confirm your selection. Use the buttons which are located around the OK button, you can navigate the menus.
  • Loewe Xelos SL 32 you can also operate directly on the device. Press the large button in the front center of the device to get it to turn on. Using the plus or minus button, you can select different programs.
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