Lumbar - Anatomy Statement

Lumbar - Anatomy Statement

A piece of loin from the animal.

Loins are central places

  • When Livestock loin is a preferred place to obtain meat. The side of the spine lying piece of meat is sold particularly of pork and beef fillets and eaten by some people happy.
  • The same anatomical structure is also found in humans. The lumbar region (Regio lumbar) is located on the fuselage side of the spine, and runs towards the belly up on the side of the fuselage. Up and down she is bordered by the costal margin and the iliac crest.
  • In humans, this area is muscular well supplied. Here are some great and strong skeletal muscles that stabilize the trunk and at the same time provide a lot of flexibility and strength. A particularly worthy of protection body in this area are the kidneys. A kidney protection, as motorcyclists often wear it, the lumbar includes pretty exactly.

Loincloth and lumbar

  • The term "loins" is also found in the anatomy again, for example, in the name of the vertebral bodies of the region, called lumbar vertebrae. The corresponding section is called the spine lumbar spine.
  • Considered muscular, located at the lumbar some muscles that originate both here and start. There are some who are active in this area, but also move up or down.
  • The loincloth covers a different part of the body. Strictly speaking, the piece of fabric that wrap usually male contemporaries to protect their secondary sexual organs to the body, while attached to a waist and wrapped around this, but protects the underlying part of the body.
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