Lupo: Replace chassis - so it makes the expert

Lupo: Replace chassis - so it makes the expert

The chassis itself as the professional install © Andreas_Portner / Pixelio

A suspension Lupo install is not difficult, provided you are familiar with the repair of cars and have also ready with the right tools for this. Because then you are missing only one appropriate instructions to mount the chassis. But if you have the opportunity to lift your Lupo as the professional with a hoist, the replacement for you is even easier, since all axes are relieved.

First procedure to replace the chassis

  1. Replacing a chassis Lupo works best on the rear axle, as this has the advantage that it is firmly seated.
  2. These raise and jack up the car high on one side and remove the wheel with the wheel wrench.
  3. After you release and remove the wheel, you can use a spring compressor to contract the spring until no further pressure is present.
  4. Open your trunk of your Lupo and release only from above the nut and then make the shock of going down.
  5. Now you can remove the shock absorber assembly and gently loosen and remove the spring compressor.

Install the new chassis Lupo

  1. Tighten that you have the new spring using the spring compressor so far enough space.
  2. Run the strut through the spring and push it now from bottom to top in the cathedral.
  3. The nut can be screwed up again and the strut from the bottom are bolted with screws to the holder.
  4. If you have any problems, because the new chassis is deeper and thus does not fit, you will help by using a jack. Simply the axis so slowly and carefully push something until it is due.
  5. Follow the same procedure also on the other side.
  6. When replacing the front suspension on your Lupo you should hold the axle better from below with two jacks. To prevent an adjustment of the camber of the front axle.
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