Luther: Season 2 - Episode Guide

Luther: Season 2 - Episode Guide

The police series "Luther" is set in London.

Luther - a special investigator

Series fans will appreciate it very much if the protagonist of a show "not quite normal." Thus, the unworldly forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan from "Bones" and the unconventional Walter White from "Breaking Bad" for example, are incredibly popular. Also sets the series "Luther" on this sympathy factor. This is about the same DCI London Police, who is awesome at his job and is so often buries in his case that his privacy fiercely suffers. But it is not always successful, but his commitment also leads to dire misfortunes - it is at the end of Season 1 his wife, with whom he lives in isolation, shot by his best friend. But how to do it then in Season 2 on?

Season 2 - Luther against a serial killer

  • In the first episode of Season 2 of the DCI starts with a new unit. His best friend, who shot his wife was killed himself and is therefore no longer there. But this is a new investigator of the team: Justin Ripley, thinks very highly of Luther. In this episode, the cops are faced with a serial killer, but also with an older case. The daughter of a man who had been arrested by Luther, then fell off the rails and is now working in the red light district. Her mother asks the DCI to save them. The episode ends with a cliffhanger: The serial killer kidnaps Justin Ripley.
  • In episode 2, it is then correspondingly more: Justin is still in the hands of the killer, it may by psychological skills but so far feel safe that eventually manages to escape him. Then ticking from the killer and tightened its violent methods by kidnaps a bus full of children. Now the brilliant Luther asked again.
  • In episode 3, it then goes off right. Luther was the prostitute free and offers her shelter, where he gradually develops feelings for her. However, the girl still plugged in big trouble, because her pimp she will not let go easily. It comes to a guerrilla war in which the ex-prostitute Jenny finally becomes a murderer. In addition, it get the DCI and his colleagues with a series of seemingly random murders do that even overwhelm the genius Luther.
  • In the fourth and final episode investigators adopt a plan to stop the sinister attacks, encountering the fact that they are dealing with the offender with twin brothers. Through their sophistication and ruthlessness, the brothers to outmaneuver the police once, while unit above all the ex-prostitute Jenny in danger.

Even Season 2 thus ends on a cliffhanger and in terms of resolution, the fans have to rely on point 3.

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