MacBook insurance - so you acquire it for the Notebook

MacBook insurance - so you acquire it for the Notebook

Live safer with the appropriate protection.

I wanted a MacBook protection

  • Insurance for the MacBook comes in many variants. So you should previously define which services would be important to you and what you can do without. How to obtain a suitable package.
  • Important usually are always moisture damage. Because water can damage almost every technical device and brings great problems. This should be sure to keep an eye on.
  • A major source of risk is also found in damages caused by the down fall of MacBooks. Then not only the display and the shell can be damaged, but also the hard drives, which are stored on a number of important data.
  • If you travel frequently, you should also secure from theft. The money provided then you can buy a new MacBook and have to reckon with only a minor financial loss.

Discover an insurance

Have you written any benefits it comes to determine what would be ideal for the MacBook for an insurance policy. Here are some deals which generally take care of technical devices, but few who specializes in the MacBook.

  • A company in this area can be found in assona where you provide the MacBook notebook and insurance. A distinction is made between packets myProtect and MyProtect Plus, each providing other services. For example, the Plus package offers additional protection from robbery.
  • To get your relevant price, you must choose the appropriate coverage. Is your MacBook worth less than € 1,000, select the first option. If the value on the variant is relevant up to 3,000 euros. Once you have decided on an offer, you can complete it online.
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