Make Adidas soccer shoes themselves

Make Adidas soccer shoes themselves

Self-designed football boots - a beautiful gift!

The Adidas individualization tool "mi Adidas" is easy to use and offers some nice effects. Unfortunately, the design freedom is not the same size on all models.

Design Adidas soccer shoes on your own

  • In general, if you want to give self-made football boots, order early. Although the shapes of a pair of football boots takes barely a quarter of an hour as Adidas, however, can produce overseas, it pass three to four weeks for the shoes arrive to you in Germany.
  • In special Adidas stores that offer "mi Adidas" services, you can design soccer shoes directly to the delivery times but nothing changed as a result. There you can not only look at the materials used, but they also really touch and feel.
  • Individual football shoes can be a very nice gift that the player makes you proud and inspired literally. Beware, however, especially in children, that the printing does not produce a large pressure to succeed, because the acts mostly rather a hindrance.

Create your own - how it works!

  1. Choose a pair of football boots that you would like to customize. The models Predator X, F50 and adiPure The choices are available.
  2. Choose the right size of football boots and place also fixed the gender of the wearer and the walking distance.
  3. On the following pages you will see the individual components that can be customized, including the color, the color of the sole, tongue and laces.
  4. Some models have a lot of leeway (adiPure), other football shoes the design options are on the selection of a flag and an embroidery limited (F50).

Anyone who has a taste for personalized, can also basketball, tennis or running shoes design in addition to football boots.

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