Make carnival costumes themselves for adults - so works out a costume as a potted plant

Make carnival costumes themselves for adults - so works out a costume as a potted plant

Here's the principle: From rock mach pot. © Hans_Snoek / Pixelio

You can find the idea to dress up as a pot plant so good? Then what are ran, because with a little imagination and skill, it is not so difficult to make yourself.

The problem with most original carnival costumes - where to get?

  • If it will be very special carnival costumes with which you want to shine on the relevant party, or if it even is a fancy dress party, then make sure you are regularly faced with the problem: What should I wear? And where do I get the ultimate winner costume?
  • You can either try, mostly for relatively expensive money in specialty shops for Carnival Costumes & Co. to search for such a but run this risk that you are not alone in your "special" costume - or design and sew your disguise himself.
  • If it is now so go for example to a party with the motto "garden", you can go boring as a gardener (in) or - imaginative - as a garden plant or equipment.

Thus, from an adult carnival a potted plant

  1. The most important accessory for your potted plants costume is of course a pot from which you later "outgrow" can. If you have a knee-length skirt old brown, then turn it simple with the (further) back to top hem and collar (narrow) down. Sew according to your body size top and bottom of each tunnel one, go to your firm but flexible wire. Now you have your cup shape.
  2. In order to attract the "pot", you now have up only still replace the support that keep him on your shoulders. For this purpose, we recommend a green fabric, because then you can already use the optical carrier as "handles" for your leafy greens.
  3. Similar to the pot, you can make some leaves. Cut tulle, felt or other existing fabric leaf shapes out, pull back by a durchgesteppten on the edge wire tunnel and then paint blade axes and veins with a dark green or brown Edding on.
  4. Sew different sized leaves the inside of the rim of the pot and to the carrier and make a beautiful, natural-looking leaf wreath. Through the wire, you can turn the music accordingly. How many sheets you want to do is up to you. The shape depends on what plant you want to be.
  5. We recommend using a large-flowered flower (sunflower, etc.), because here you can easily surround your face with a wreath of corresponding petals by Sew on a Haarreif similar to chlorophyll, the petals and then put the finished Hair Combs and pin if necessary ,
  6. Pull yourself a green t-shirt, because your arms are of course part of the plant. So bring here a few leaves. A brown tights and comfortable shoes complete your costume, and finally to you, in spite of all the beauty still move well in carnival costumes and can keep a long night of dancing.

As you can see from funny ideas you can quite simply create funny carnival costumes, whether for children or adults, it is completely irrelevant. And surely you will be as bright-colored flowering "adult" potted plant have great success at the next Carnival.

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