Make carnival costumes themselves with straw - so you'll be the scarecrow

Make carnival costumes themselves with straw - so you'll be the scarecrow

Carnival costumes are designed with straw quickly.

So you can make scarecrows carnival costumes themselves

First, you need a good template for Halloween costumes as scarecrow. Search this photo of scarecrows. One of the most famous, see the "Wizard of Oz". Simply googling for this keyword or by "Scarecrow". With a concrete idea of ​​what you are working towards, it will be easier to make the costume itself.

  1. Grab an old straw hat. Ideal is a frayed model. If it is a still intact model, open the Schlusssaum at the edge and pull out a few straws.
  2. Obtain an old and rather wide, plaid flannel shirt and an old pair of jeans. Alternatively, you can also take a denim dungarees.
  3. Take straw into small bunches together and tie them with roped fixed at one end together. Make sure that the tufts are not too thick.
  4. Sew the straw tufts on the inside of the shirt so that the blades under his shirt cuffs, collar and hems at the buttons protrude significantly.
  5. Proceed as with the shirt also with the pants. Let stand out straw on the legs. If it is not a model that already has holes, you can do it yourself in those jeans and let this come to light and straw.
  6. Drag to the costume to trekking shoes with thick stockings. Stuff some straw between the stockings and the inside of the shoes, so that it is visible again.
  7. Make up your nose and cheeks red and surround your eyes dark or bright. Draw dark lines that are perpendicular to your lips, making seams are shown.
  8. When you are done dont cram a little straw under the shirt, and the point where it is clearly visible.

Avoid the risk of mindfulness

  • Carnival costumes in which you use straw, are especially in dry weather, highly flammable. This is true in many costumes from synthetic materials otherwise, but at a scarecrow costume are available from lots of straws. So, you should be extra careful not to come into contact with burning cigarettes or open flames.
  • Apply before attending a celebration carnival costumes always to the sample. If you straw at certain points to be "scratchy", you can remedy the situation then still. Well suited is additional material such as a scarf between the straw and your neck or a second T-shirt under his shirt.
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