Make saline solution for contact lenses itself - how it works

Make saline solution for contact lenses itself - how it works

Do it yourself is inadvisable: Buy more saline for contact lenses in stores!

Saline selbermachen not dangerous!

  • Each contact lens wearers know the problem. Suddenly, the saline is empty or you have forgotten at home.
  • Actually, it sounds so simple saline solution is finally not much more than water and salt. The crucial difference between simple salt water and special saline solution for contact lenses is that they, unlike the tap water is sterile.
  • So if you put your lenses in non-sterile water and put them in your eyes the next day, with dangerous infections can develop. Tap water contains various bacteria that attack your eye. Conjunctivitis or even a serious infection that can lead to blindness is not excluded.
  • Call dear to the pharmacies on duty. They will tell you which pharmacy is open on your local emergency service and overnight. Here you can buy the saline solution for contact lenses and do not have to make them himself.

Make the saline liquid for contact lenses themselves

  1. If there is no other option but to make the brine itself, you need a liter of water and nine grams of salt. The salt should be fine-grained and iodine-free.
  2. Now, bring the water to a boil. Due to the heat, most bacteria are killed and there is virtually germ-free.
  3. Add the boiling water Now stir the salt. Until it is completely dissolved.
  4. Allow it to cool the water and give it him a container for contact lenses. Of course, without tools, otherwise with new bacteria come into contact.
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