Make school enrollment for secondary school - how it works

Make school enrollment for secondary school - how it works

An appropriate school registration determines the school career of the child.

A school enrollment is always a big and important decision for the education and life of their own child.

The plan Schooling

  1. To schedule school enrollment at secondary school, you must first be familiar with the recommendations of your local education law. Because the conditions, time frames and procedures of the specific application are very different depending on the province.
  2. The logon times and the legally correct expiration of school enrollment will always be notified by the school board. In most cases you even get a letter with all the information, otherwise you may as well at a school or school board in your province inquire directly.
  3. At the open day you can see with your child before school, are eligible. Then you can better conscience decide where you register your child eventually. The distance that the school profile, any expenses related to choice of school friends - all this should be kept in mind and above all, your child must agree with the choice.
  4. Sometimes you need to specify down before a wish list of several possible schools in the ranking of the biggest desire. Then sign your child naturally after the acknowledgment and commitment to a particular secondary school there site at.
  5. In some states, there are still receiving tests that must perform the children before the possible change to the new school. At other schools, a letter of motivation or a CV is again required with the application.

With the new school representations

  1. There is always a fixed period in the first half of the year in which the school registration can be performed. Eventually, the application is staggered so that certain types of schools as comprehensive schools and parochial schools must be registered in advance to accommodate children rejected if necessary, in a second phase with registration at ordinary schools.
  2. You always have to fill out a written application. This form can get either the old or new school in the secretariat or you can download it on the internet.
  3. Usually, then go with your child during the registration period and within the opening times of the Secretariat in person at the school over to make the school registration.
  4. For this purpose, you will also need the mid-year report and possibly a recommendation or other confirmations on the further schooling your child. Sometimes the original of the certificate is required, may you also need a passport.
  5. A single parent is usually sufficient in practice for a signature of a parent or guardian.
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