Make settings when Fifa 12 - how it works

Make settings when Fifa 12 - how it works

Change settings for Fifa 12th

Make the game settings in Fifa 12

Before you start Fifa 12, you have the ability to customize the settings for the game.

  1. Set out first thing in the start menu of Fifa 12, so you can make changes to the game settings.
  2. The next step is to go to the point "FIFA customize" and then "Settings".
  3. You now have several choices. To make changes to the Speileinstellungen, you now get to the point "Game Settings".
  4. In the game settings, you can now choose between multiple "tabs", including include the dots "game", "camera" and "rules".
  5. Under the "game" you can, for example, the "half-length," the change "difficulty" or the "ball".
  6. Under the "camera" you have the possibility to set your camera settings for each game type.
  7. The settings for "injuries", "Away", "card" and "the hand" you can change the "rules" section.

After you have made the settings, you can return to the Start menu and the settings are automatically applied.

Individual settings of control in Fifa 12

You can also make adjustments to the key bindings of your controller for the Playstation 3 and Xbox.

  1. Embark again "Custom FIFA" as described above to the point.
  2. Go next to the "Settings" and then click "Control Panel."
  3. Now select the option "Wireless Controller Settings.", So that you can change the keyboard layout of your controller.
  4. About the "R" key or "L" key, you can now click on the tab "attack" and access "defensive".
  5. The key assignment of your Controller, you can customize by selecting and moving it to your liking.

After you have copied your settings, you can finally save the settings.

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