Man puts his hand on the leg of the woman - Commentary

Man puts his hand on the leg of the woman - Commentary

The men certainly have no objection to the woman's hand.

The significance when man puts a foot on the woman

Is it ever happened that a man did you just put his hand on her leg? Men understand women any more than vice versa. There are some gestures that are incomprehensible. Especially when suddenly and unexpectedly, the Lord's hand lands on the leg of the woman. It is certainly something else if it is his own partner. But may the stranger to you?

  • Certainly it may be a sign of euphoria when both entertain excited and he wants to emphasize his words with gestures.
  • However, many women think differently and go out not only from a chummy gesture. In most cases they are also right. For a foreigner should not exceed its limits. It occurs with this gesture into your privacy.
  • Many men have this type out too protective and territorial. What do they want to protect? Above all, when two talk, that's for sure not a hazardous situation.
  • Do you know the Lord for some time and you just come closer, which can also be a sign of trust and affection. He wants you to come closer. You decide how far he can go.

To show the Lord's boundaries

If a man a woman's hand on the leg, this can mean a lot. You decide how far a man may go. If you like it, everything is ok.

  • You do not like but you should make a woman he knew that he exceeds this gesture as a limit. Place the hand away (best on his upper tavern) and tell him that he should let be.
  • It does not have to be that he wants to you to the fur. Maybe it was just an unconscious gesture. Therefore, you should not deal with him once too hard.
  • However, he does not listen to, the question arises as to whether you want to continue to talk to him. He does not stop with this kind that is about to grip.

But they will make it determined by the situation-dependent. Perhaps to like it.

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