Manual for SilverCrest RCH7S52

Manual for SilverCrest RCH7S52

A universal remote is handy if you use multiple electronic devices.

Are you also tired of having to use many different remote control for your equipment? If you decide to purchase a universal remote control and use all your devices with it. The RCH7S52 Silvercrest is a universal remote that allows you to control various appliances. An instruction manual is included with the device when you buy it new. Did this misplaced or get the remote control without instructions, you can order these from the Internet.

The universal remote control RCH7S52 Silvercrest offers many features

  • The universal remote control RCH7S52 Silvercrest offers to take over the operation of various devices, so your TV, DVD player, AV receiver, but also from VCR or satellite receivers.
  • The Silvercrest can take memory stored device with a fingertip or learn a new device. The operation is very simple.

You need an instruction manual for programming the code

The programming of the code is a bit difficult to realize without a manual. They have the advantage that all the manufacturer codes are stored in the remote control and you just need to select the manufacturer of the LCD display.

  1. Press the "set" button and select a source. There are various sources available, TV, DVD, VCR. Wait until the display shows "ACCENT".
  2. Press the "up-down button until your manufacturer appears. Press the right cursor key to select the right manufacturer and its code. Then press" OK "and wait for confirmation (success).
  3. Alternatively, you can teach a new device. Press the "Learn" and wait for the "Learn Key" from. Press the "ok" button. Select a button on the universal remote control that you want to assign to the new device. The "waiting" command appears. Now press the button on the original remote that you want to teach. With "success", the transmission is confirmed in the display "failed" you must repeat the command.

Detailed operating instructions can also be downloaded from the Internet.

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