Marder under the roof - so you get rid of him again

Marder under the roof - so you get rid of him again

Cute, but under the umbrella of the marten has no place.

So the raccoon enters the house

Martens are climbers. Trees, gutters, standpipes are their aid, if necessary, the remaining distance is overcome in the jump. Look for the house:

  • Trees standing close to the wall can be ladders. Look for branches that come across to the roof or extend beyond this. Scratches on downspouts are a further indication how the raccoon can come to the roof.
  • Open air vents, which are not secured, wall holes, loose tiles or a loose lead enclosure are an invitation for marten.

These additions please only close when the raccoon is gone.

How to sell animals under the roof

The following resources are available:

  • Traps, but only live traps that must be used in consultation with a hunter or forester.
  • You can distribute dog hair (home remedies) or tea tree oil in the roof space. Also frequent visits of dog or cat scare the raccoon from the roof space.
  • Electronic marten devices that are available for cars, chase the marten by unpleasant noises in the ultrasonic range. People can not hear these sounds, but dogs and cats perceive this as painful.
  • So-called Vergrämungsmittel from specialist shops recommended by exterminators because they are said to have the fastest and most lasting effect.

Use of resources against marten under the umbrella

All the means best applied during the rearing period, as the mother, if it is disturbed, the boys take you away and mostly with these moves into a new neighborhood.

  1. Giving middle on absorbent materials (linen, cotton, crepe) and distribute the attic and spray into inaccessible areas.
  2. After spraying, the attic not seal, the marten needs ways to escape. He is to be marketed, not tormented unnecessarily.
  3. If you are sure that the raccoon has vacated his house and his family under the roof, they seal its loopholes from with chicken wire. Eliminate the boarding aids such as branches or spray the downpipes with repellants. Seal all the little holes or cracks in walls with foam insulation from or mortar.
  4. Clear away his legacy and spray again from the attic.

Now you really need to rest before ungebetenem Marder visit have under the roof.

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