Mechanical Process Engineering - Overview

Mechanical Process Engineering - Overview

A process technique is used in the industry.

When it comes to the mechanical process technology, this occurs both in the research as well as by certain machine processes in the industry. There are many work processes that can be performed by this method and also must. There are different processing techniques; but let's be discussed in more detail on a specific, namely mechanical. By means of examples you will see how this is used in the production process.

The term explanation for the mechanical process engineering

  • In the mechanical process engineering is a sub-discipline in the field of process engineering.
  • This material systems are converted by mechanical action.
  • This of course only works on systems that are mechanically influenced.

The tasks of this process technology in daily use

  • The tasks include, for example, the reduction of particle sizes. This should be a term you under the terms crushing or spraying liquids.
  • But conversely, this process can be carried out, in which smaller then be converted to larger particle sizes. This process is called then agglomerate.
  • In another area, this technique is used, namely, when it comes to merge two different composite systems into one system. The technical term would be mixing here.
  • Furthermore, there is the method of splitting a system into two systems with different compositions. This is what we call seven or Disconnect.

You should not underestimate this but also that these processes consume partially lot of energy and therefore are costly.

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