Microsoft Server 2012 - Notes

Microsoft Server 2012 - Notes

Microsoft offers different server versions.

Microsoft regularly brings server operating systems

With Windows Server 2012, Microsoft released the successor to the 2008 R2 version on the market. During 2008, Windows 7 was used as the basis for the server operating system, it is now the current at the time Windows version 8 (November 2013).

  • A total of four different versions of the Microsoft server in circulation. These have different names, in order to distinguish between them. Above all, virtualization and user accounts are restricted in the smaller versions.
  • The edition with the lowest functions (to German foundation) called "Foundation". "Foundation" has no virtualization capabilities and can only manage 15 user accounts in Active Directory.
  • More features such as access to the Microsoft cloud server named Azure offers the option "Essentials". In addition, a simplified user interface is integrated once. Hyper-V virtualization of Windows Server, but is missing here.
  • This brings only "standard" with, however, is fixed on two virtual machines per server. For access to the server, which makes this server version for larger companies as interesting unlimited number of user accounts.
  • The maximum configuration only has the "Data Center" edition of Windows Server 2012. Here many virtual instances are in addition to all the features of previous editions unlimited possible, so that the resources of the server can be used effectively by all processes are parallelized.

2012 is based on Windows 8 and brings Modern UI

With the transition from Windows 7 to 8 Microsoft also brings some new features from the client operating system to its 2012er edition of its server. This also includes the Modern UI hiding in the tile-like start screen of Windows 8. Since this was designed for touch devices such as tablets, the decision by Microsoft is rather unfortunate.

  • Alternative offers Server 2012 but also important simplifications, such as the "core" server throwing overboard the complete user interface and thus approximates the Linux server distributions.
  • As the lowest common denominator Windows Server 2012 is also the so-called "Minimal Server Interface", which provides a user interface, but does not make all functions available on this and thus also starts more quickly.
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