Minecraft: Force Update - Declaration

Minecraft: Force Update - Declaration

In Minecraft you have a large world.

Minecraft as a game

Minecraft gives you an existing world of cubes available that can be personalized. Because at night usually appear monster, it is advisable to first example to build a small house.

  • In addition, you can not only change the world, but also to explore. There is this even different locations including jungle, ocean or tundras and all other worlds, such as a supposed hell.
  • The game is in this case not only extended through continuous patches, but also changed from fans. This so-called mods play a role - they can provide about a changed appearance of the dice, but also destroy your game.

The Force Update

The Force Update option is there to force an update. This is sometimes necessary when certain errors have crept into the program. This can happen if you have generated some visual changes and thus the game will not start.

  • Normally, now an update is performed automatically when there is a new version. However, over ForceUpdate You can delete your previous data of the game, so any addons, reset the game version and then re-update.
  • This helps to correct mistakes. In the future, you should then be in such a case, only a little more cautious with certain mods.
  • Of importance is the way, that there are two different ways of Force update command. If you have an older version of Minecraft, you will see directly the launcher a corresponding command and can put a check mark.
  • For newer versions of the game this is, however, about the further option area or directly in the% appdata% directory when roaming -> Minecraft possible. There, you can just clear out the version used folders.
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