Minecraft server does not join - helpful hints

Minecraft server does not join - helpful hints

In Minecraft everything is made of blocks. © s.media / Pixelio

Minecraft - The Multiplayer

  • The popular game Minecraft blocks makes the multiplayer even more fun than single player. Finally, you can admire the buildings of many other players and build with them cities and other extraordinary things.
  • If you are traveling in multiplayer, you must have previously opted for a specific server on which the world is saved. On this server you must then log in every time before you can continue playing. Sometimes Joining does not go though. This is usually only a temporary problem, but you can try some solutions to fix the problem.

If the server does not go to Join

  • First, you should of course make sure that your Internet connection. Simply call any web page with your browser.
  • If there is an Internet connection, it can still be various other causes. Do you have the latest version of Minecraft? Some servers also work with older versions, maybe you updated your version by mistake. Find out. On the version you need on the website of the server
  • If you are not sure to use the correct version, check whether the server is online. You do this by clicking on the Windows icon and type in the search for "cmd".
  • Now type "ping" followed by the address of the server. If the prompt draws responses, the server is reachable. If the server is offline, just wait a few minutes, often it is only restarted.
  • If the server is online and Joining still does not work, the server may be full. Also in this case, you only have to wait a few minutes until a player leaves the server and then frees his place for you.
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