National area code - because you recognize the State

National area code - because you recognize the State

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As the area code are constructed

A phone number is theoretically of three elements:

  • The first four numbers indicate to which country the phone number belongs to. However, if someone from the same country you are calling, then the country code usually does not appear. However, many mobile operators always indicate the country code, partially but without the first two places. This could appear in the display +49 or +41, which Germany (49) and Switzerland (41) is meant.
  • Next is the area code of the place, which can be either three, four or even five digits.
  • These were the telephone prefixes indicate in which place the caller is.
  • Then always the personal phone number of the caller.

What site has the national dialing code

To find out which state include national area code, you can do the following:

  1. Each state has its own prefix. This can already be seen from the second digit. To get a code number starting with 08, always from Bavaria. Only in exceptional cases this number belongs to Baden-Württemberg.
  2. Previously, each state had its own paragraph, which was also used in the bank code and zip code.
  3. Sometimes you can today still depend on the postal code, as sometimes still here connected with the first digit of the second digit of the code. Example: The places in Bavaria always start with 8 or 9. Accordingly, then the second digit of the area code 8 or 9th
  4. Note, however, that this is not always the case since the incorporation of the new federal states. So now that Berlin has the code 030, although the zip code begins with the number 1, Hamburg has the area code 040, although the zip code begins with 2.
  5. If you want to know now about which province is part of the national area code, then you can read it on the internet. There, all cities are listed alphabetically and you can even search by provinces.
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